Why is it that once World War III breaks out, the first to disappear will be Japan?

From the history of the world, for many warlike nations, under their own ambitions, they think that war can bring great benefits. So always leap into action, constantly arrogant and provocative, and for this reason do not even know how much they have. It is because of this that many ambitious countries, especially Japan, are still constantly exaggerating war. But in fact, many people in the West said bluntly that once the outbreak of three wars, the first to disappear will be Japan, why say so? You may not expect it.

Although Japan suffered huge losses in World War II, it is actually still ambitious and has been constantly messing up the regional situation as well as preparing for war. Japan’s ambition can be seen from the equipment of one of its self-defense forces, and the ever-expanding military investment. Even many of Japan’s hawks, to this day, do not admit their defeat in World War II, and always want to break back in a new war.

But actually Japan is very dangerous. Western experts have said more than once that if a new big war starts, then the first one to disappear will be Japan, why do you say that? It is actually very simple, if a new world war breaks out, then China, Russia, etc. are bound to be involved, and Russia’s nuclear weapons alone could destroy Japan in a short time.

And Japan in recent times has been a sworn enemy of Russia, plus Russia is also very worried about Japan taking advantage of the war to retake the four northern islands. So before striking the US, it is likely to launch an attack on Japan, probably one round down, and Japan’s so small territory is gone.

And in the Soviet era, the Soviet Union had a plan to completely wipe out Japan by using nuclear bombs to detonate all the volcanoes in Japan, thus triggering a chain of earthquakes that would knock the Japanese islands completely out of existence. So it’s easy for Russia to wipe out Japan. In addition, there is China, no matter what war, if Japan is involved. For China, it will also definitely take Japan first, so Japan will still be devastated.

Also there is North Korea, the Southeast Asian countries, which also hate Japan to the bone, and once that happens, Japan will suffer the most …… so for Japan, it actually needs to look forward to peace in the world. Because only with peace can Japan’s bullet point be preserved, if a new big war occurs.

For Japan, it will undoubtedly be a devastating blow, and then it will be too late for Japan to regret it. So in the future, if three wars break out, Japan will definitely be the first to disappear, which even the United States knows very well, but Japan has so far refused to admit it, or keep on creating trouble, that is self-destructive ah. For this, what do you readers think? The first thing you need to do is to leave a comment and discuss it with me.

Reference: “Modern World History”.

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