“Three small” gathered on the stage of the Spring Festival Gala, the only three remaining flow artists, the roots are positive energy

This time the party program is still very exciting, but those who have seen the list will be able to feel that the party program of many platforms this year have a common point, the program is basically very familiar singers and artists, no more “flow”, “fresh meat “The company’s main goal is to provide a comprehensive range of products and services to the public.

This time only the three artists in the TFBOYS group are considered to be flow artists, and the “three little ones” can be said to be the root of the flow artists, their flow is a certain support and strength, not just empty flow, but also able to send fans positive positive energy. The company’s main goal is to provide the best possible service to its customers.

The three of them have been in the rehearsal for many times before the start of the show, and they all passed the examination and met with everyone as promised.

The only regret is that they didn’t get to be together, although all three of them participated in the show, they performed three different shows.

One of them, Yi Yang Qianxi’s show, was the first to start. Yi Yang Qianxi, Li Yuchun and Deng Chao sang “Sense of the Times,” a very energetic and joyful song that brought a light-hearted and joyful feeling to everyone.

YiYiQiXi’s transition has been very successful in recent years. Previously, for the filming of “Changjin Lake”, YiYiQiXi spent a lot of time on the set filming, and even fans were rarely able to see any news related to YiYiQiXi.

Now with the broadcast of the two-part series “Lake Changjin”, YiYing QianXi’s box office has soared and his reputation has soared, both netizens and the former artists he worked with have very good comments on YiYing QianXi.

Although Wang Junkai and Wang Yuan did not officially share the same stage, the two stood together in the group’s stage, and their being together in the same frame also made many combination fans feel very excited, and their respective shows were very surprising.

Wang Junkai’s show was a bit later. Wang Junkai and his seniors like Zhu Yilong, Zhao Liying and Yu Kewei collaborated on the song performance “Happy Hour”, and several artists stood together with just a very high face value, and the whole performance was amazing for everyone.

Wang Yuan collaborated with Ren Jialun, Song Xi, and Jikki Junyi to sing “True Love Dances”. Wang Yuan is one of the combination of fans who have always held on to their musical dreams and finally chose to go to Berklee College of Music for further study, and has had further musical achievements in the past year, and has also released his latest album, and the variety shows Wang Yuan has participated in in recent years are basically music-related.

Next up, Wang Yuan has a new film or TV drama coming up, and we’re all looking forward to his new work and being able to take on new territory.

The three youngest artists are basically the three artists that everyone watched grow up, and they have been practicing hard since they started their careers, and they haven’t missed their studies.

I look forward to a brighter future for the “Three Little Ones” and I believe they will all have better things to do in the future!

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