The new drama has just started, the road map appeared, Xiao war is really people “attention” ah

Not long ago, Xiao Zhan just officially announced to be the male lead of “That Sea of Dreams”, this film and television resources once set, fans are also a sigh of relief, after all, since the last time Xiao Zhan into the group, it is still last year’s “Jade Bone Yao”, although fans do not point their fingers at how to plan his career, but if Xiao Zhan is still not into the group, his inventory is getting smaller and smaller!

So far, Xiao’s unaired inventory is only left with “Jade Bone Remote”, which he killed last year, and “The Rest of Your Life”, which uses the rest of your life to wait for the rest of your life, so fans are hoping that Xiao will enter the group more often and bring you new roles!

Not to be outdone, just after this year’s Chinese New Year, Xiao Zhan officially entered the group!

During the days of the group, the fans should, by definition, not be able to see him except for his occasional business, which they are psychologically prepared for!

But this official announcement is not two days, even fans do not know whether there is a start, whether it is still in the stage of transferring the mirror, Xiao war new drama of road penetration is flying!

There is a roadmap of the 8:00 a.m. work day, and even a blurred picture of Xiao’s license plate can be seen, a long way away, the picture is blurred as if it was taken with a landline, which shows how far away the shooter is from the ground, and how long the camera must be to capture it!

There is a break in the road during the wait for the scene, a bunch of staff members are talking, Xiao Zhan is also walking around during the wait, by the way another wave of newsletters, saying that Xiao Zhan struggled to make a certain co-star laugh! Look at the distance, should be a little shorter than the distance to work roadshow, the picture is also slightly clear!

Honestly, when an artist with as much traffic as Xiao Zhan has to go somewhere, he really prepares himself on all fronts to make sure he doesn’t get caught in a road trip! Some even choose to reshoot their scenes if they are photographed in unannounced costume shapes, just so they don’t get copied by other dramas!

Although “The Sea of Dreams” has long announced the look of its main cast, so there is no worry about stylistic plagiarism, will such a massive roadshow really not cause the arrival of private students?

Xiao Zhan is handsome, he is the number one in Asia Pacific, but isn’t the picture sent out by the studio clearer and more suitable for mobile wallpaper than these roadshows?

The main character is filming, so the fans will just wait for the broadcast of the drama, the roadmap that is flying around the internet is really nothing to look at. Or Tang San is not valiant enough?

Xiao Zhan has been pushed to a new climax by GUCCI as a global spokesperson, and it has never been more dignified to be treated so attentively by such a once cool high luxury, so it is clear how high the commercial value of Xiao Zhan is to make the golden father so satisfied. And according to the net rumor, the new endorsement of the Xiao war has been in the queue official announcement of the road, then look forward to good news on the line!

Fans are already busy enough with old dramas, endorsements, pending dramas, and unannounced endorsements.

Note: I hope you don’t search for it, don’t look at it, and I won’t release it either ~

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