The “Clanging Roses” have another great performance, Wang Yibo, Li Xian and other stars send their blessings, but they are accused of rubbing it in.

The men’s soccer team had some poor results in the Asian Cup some time ago, however, recently the Chinese women’s soccer team had a very good result in the Asian Cup, after several rounds of fierce competition, and finally the Chinese women’s soccer team won the Asian Cup, which was a very exciting moment for the whole network, and it was the ninth time that the women’s team won the Asian Cup.

The “resounding roses” have once again won the championship, a feat that not only the netizens were thrilled about, but also the artists, who retweeted the news and applauded the heroines.

One of the members of the women’s soccer team, Li Mengwen, also posted a message celebrating the good news. In addition to being a member of the women’s soccer team, Li Mengwen is also a fan of Wang Yibo, and on such a day the women’s soccer team won the championship, and it was also the 805th day that Li Mengwen signed in Wang Yibo’s super talk.

After Li Mengwen posted the article, Wang Yibo also rushed to the comment section to interact with her at the first time, which can be said to be a large star-catching scene, and netizens did not know who to envy for a while.

Every time at this similar time, there are always many athletes who can dreamily link up with artists, and everyone is happy because such encouragement is mutual.

Athletes follow the stars because they are able to feel positive energy in the artists, more so as their spiritual support to become more motivated, and that is one of the most meaningful aspects of following the stars.

For artists to have such great people in their fan base is something to be very proud of, and so artists will work harder to discipline themselves to become even better and worthy of more love and support!

In addition to this there are many artists who have taken it upon themselves to celebrate the champions. In fact, it’s not just the champions, any sportsperson is worthy of encouragement and support, they have given many days and nights for such an opportunity and have been practicing hard, seeking to surpass themselves every minute and every second.

Besides, Li Xian is also a Real Madrid fan, even before he became popular, and some netizens know Li Xian precisely because they are both Real Madrid fans, and Li Xian has been a commentator at the game before.

In fact, such positive energy is the most important thing to promote, artists often have a certain influence, through their retweets, comments and likes, more fans and friends will know about this, and eventually the influence of this matter will become bigger and bigger.

So it’s very necessary for artists to promote themselves, and as for rubbing it in, there’s no point in discussing it, many artists in the entertainment industry have their own hobbies, so there’s no need to emphasize it like that at all!

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