The cheapest way to improve the quality of life: add these 12 things to the kitchen

After the kitchen renovation is the first step, the subsequent addition of kitchen items is also crucial to enhance the experience of your own kitchen, but it’s hard to believe that people are more or less shy after the renovation.

It’s not just the newly renovated residents who want to optimize their kitchens, but also those who want to spend less money to maximize their kitchens. This time we’ll take a look at 12 cheap but life-enhancing kitchen goodies.

1. Shelves for small kitchen appliances

Trust me, small appliance and pot storage will be a common pain point in every Chinese kitchen.

As you live longer, the entry of one piece of cookware and small kitchen appliances will surely slowly erode the space on your home kitchen countertop, making kitchen cooking and cleaning less and less convenient.

So, to make sure you have enough space to put these things properly, make sure you have a shelf like the one pictured in your kitchen, which is cheap but makes cooking smoother, countertops fresher, and cleaning with a single wipe.

2. Wire-free sensor light

I bet the vast majority of kitchens are not designed with power cords in mind, with lights above the preparation area and sink.

When you move in, you realize that the whole kitchen is bright, but the areas that really need lighting are not bright enough under the sink or in the prep area.

Fortunately, today there are these wiring-free sensor lights that rely on battery power for supplemental lighting in this area without the costly actions of wiring and trenching, and they also make the kitchen look better in terms of value and ambiance.

When getting your hands on one, remember two things: the thinner the better, the lower the presence, and the more premium feeling of seeing light without lights; the longer the range, the better, in order to charge less.

3. Cabinet door trash cans

This is a very popular arrangement, a garbage can hanging on the cabinet door in the middle of the kitchen sink and preparation area, which can facilitate the garbage on the countertop to go directly into the bucket, very smooth and reduce the number of bending down to throw the garbage.

By far the best such bin in my opinion is the one pictured above: two ways to open the lid, and the need to pivot from the countertop into the bin and into the trash at the same time.

4. Prep board

This is something that is very relevant to cooking habits. I used to think that people like me, who take care of all the dishes and then fry them one by one, were in the minority.

Once we talked, we found out that most of them are like me, so the small countertops in modern kitchens naturally don’t accommodate such habits.

Another use for this tray is as a vegetable tray when eating hot pot, which is perfect for home use.

5. Ebony solid wood chopping board

There are many different types of chopping boards, stainless steel, solid wood, bamboo wood, plastic, etc. ……

But in my experience, I’ve used almost all of them, and the one that is more suitable for Chinese families is the solid wood chopping board. Even though it has the pain of mold and mildew.

But it also has a lot of advantages that are hard to replace in Chinese cooking: good feedback on the undercutting, not too soft, not too hard, no knife damage.

Actually, the disadvantages of mold resistance are not irreducible, after all, there are so many types of wood.

Combined with the price/performance ratio, the most suitable ordinary solid wood chopping board would be the ebony chopping board as shown, which is definitely a crushing level among the less than 100 yuan solid wood chopping boards.

As for the design, it’s best to be able to stand and hang, for easy storage, and to further protect against mold.

6. Auto-sensing handwashers

This small thing, which is considered to enhance the happiness of the kitchen that party

It’s essentially the same as putting a pressurized hand sanitizer bottle next to the sink, but it makes you want to “play” with it.

When choosing one, if you have the means, choose one that is wall-mounted as shown in the picture, to reduce sanitary corners and take up less space on the countertop, which is more convenient.

7. Wall-mounted spice box

After the sink and vegetable preparation area, it’s time to talk about the cooktop area, a common problem that plagues many families: the storage of spices.

It’s not easy to get to in the cabinets, and it’s greasy outside.

This is the time when it is recommended to put a combination of 7 or 8, the most commonly used, oil, salt, soy sauce, vinegar, salt and sugar, pepper, chicken essence, etc., outside.

Spices can be stored in wall-mounted storage boxes like the one above, for a neater look, but as for the grease, it’s the price of convenience.

8. Rotating storage tray

The biggest pain point of the part that’s in the cabinet is that it’s not convenient, so what we’re trying to do is make it as convenient as possible.

The rotating organizer is the one that makes it easier to store in the cabinet, and there are only two kinds on the market: a deep one, which is more stable for putting things in bags, and a shallow one, which is more convenient for putting some common spices.

These two storage items, both inexpensive, maximize the neatness of the cooktop area, and the rotating storage tray, which can be used not only in the kitchen, but also outside the kitchen, such as cosmetics storage.

9. Fish scale cooked iron pot

A real Chinese chef must not use any non-stick, $1,000, or even $10,000 alloy pot. It must be the cheapest cooked iron pot.

Why? Because a cooked iron wok is light, thin, and conducts heat quickly, which is the most important quality of Chinese stir-fry. Guaranteed to turn the spoon and fire.

Also, once the cooked iron wok pan forms a film of oil, there is no coating and it can be non-stick.

So if you have a new kitchen and need to change your wok, try this Chinese wok. Although you will not be able to master it at first, and it may be mushy and sticky, the longer you use it, the better it really will be.

Compared to the fully flat cooked iron wok above, you can choose the cooked iron wok with the fish scale pattern below and fry with 2/3 or even 1/2 oil to achieve the same frying effect.

10. Automatic opening and closing oil pot

Since we’re talking about oil, let’s talk about good oil pots in passing.

Don’t underestimate the fact that this is a problem that many families struggle with, with the biggest sticking point being oil hang-ups and oil leaks.

Currently, the latest reliable upgrade is the automatic opening and closing of the oil can.

I’ve actually gotten my hands on a very large number of oil jugs for work reasons, from Japanese and German jugs, to all kinds of fake foreign devil jugs, to Yiwu and Guangdong jugs that I’ve tried, ranging from $10 to $200.

By far the most recommended one is this one, which works very well, no oil hang-ups, opens and closes automatically, and is very cost effective.

11. Thermostatic kettle

Although this kettle is a good value, at 200+, it’s really not that low.

This was my reaction when I first saw this boiling kettle, and after learning about it, I realized I was shallow.

Unlike a regular kettle, it is a thermostatic, adjustable temperature kettle, so to speak, a kettle that solves the drinking needs of the whole family and can ensure that every family member, at all times, can have hot water.

What it means for the kitchen is that it is a large capacity 1.5L kettle that boils water very quickly, in less than a minute. My habit is to boil water without using the gas stove and just use this kettle, which is more efficient.

12. Kitchen wipes

Kitchen wipes, definitely a great example of low investment and high experience.

First of all, for such stubborn stains as the picture above, the cleaning power of the hard to wipe places, you can wipe off such stubborn stains very smoothly, wipe, and do not need to wash the rag, dry the rag.

Secondly, the advantage of wiping small kitchen appliances, compared to the traditional detergent + rag to be careful, fearing that the small kitchen appliances into the water problem, in the kitchen wipes here does not exist, can be wiped clean at hand.

Finally, it’s the daily cleaning that dramatically reduces the difficulty of cleaning the kitchen, thus increasing the frequency of cleaning and keeping the kitchen clean for a long time.

Currently, the price is very affordable, from 10 yuan a pack to less than 5 yuan a pack, almost all families can afford to spend, note that when you choose, you also need to choose the wipes with citric acid content to clean the kitchen sink, faucets and other places with limescale.

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