Iranian 87-year-old man does not like to bathe, likes to eat rotten meat and drink dirty water, believes that not bathing can bring health

How dirty is the dirtiest person you’ve ever met? What is the longest time you can accept not showering?

Three days? Five days? Or a month?

Take a shower

I’m sure you’d be sick if you didn’t take a shower for five days, let alone a month, right?

And do you know how long the world has gone without a shower?


Amou Haji, an 87-year-old man in Iran, hasn’t taken a shower in 67 years

and today he is covered in dirt, his face criss-crossed with wrinkles and his body thick with mud and dirt like a layer of earth-colored armor.

Amu Haji

And the old man was named the dirtiest man in the world,

His favorite food is rotten meat

and usually drinks water,

drank raw water from unpasteurized paint buckets.

This is a different kind of old man, but

lived to the age of 87 in good health

and at the latest checkups, this man is still very healthy.

What’s going on here?

Why is the elderly person not bathing and living a sloppy life, and what is the elderly person going through? Why do they remain healthy today with such unhealthy habits?

Strange old man

In a desert on the edge of the village of Dzhigar, in the southern Iranian province of Fars, an old man in his eighties, with a thick layer of dirt that makes him look inconspicuous in the desert, seems to have become one with it.

Amu Haji

A mound in the desert is where he has long slept and rested, and every morning the old man goes out alone to forage for food,

Decomposing animal carcasses are his source of food

For him, a rotting, stinking porcupine is a few days’ worth of food.

The stench of paint emanates from the broken paint bucket,

Every day the old man drinks the water contained in the paint bucket

The old man drinks five liters of water a day, raw water that has not been boiled at a high temperature and is difficult for normal people to swallow, and it has become a regular part of the old man’s diet.

After eating and drinking, the old man took out his homemade pipe,

Adding the “tobacco” he found, he smoked it leisurely, but the smell from the burning “tobacco” was not our common smell.

Amou Haji’s homemade pipe

On closer inspection, it turns out

What the old man smokes is not tobacco as we see it, but sun-dried animal dung

It’s hard to imagine that the old man was smoking this kind of “tobacco” with great pleasure.

According to locals, the old man has been living this way for decades, and everyone in the neighborhood knows him and is used to his strange lifestyle.

Amu Haji

After a busy day, the old man returned to his dug-out mound to rest and end his unusual day.

Seeing the poor old man, the people of the village built him a small house, a simple but sheltered place from the wind and rain.

But the old man seemed to love his little pit more than anything else, and most of the time he preferred to rest in it, although there was a lot of talk about the old man,

The children even avoided the stench coming from the old man.

Amu Haji

But the old man was unconcerned by the comments of those around him, and continued to do things that were incomprehensible to him,

It is as if the old man is living in his own world, as if everything in the world is irrelevant to him.

Old people sometimes take care of their grooming, but not with water,

The elderly seem to be afraid of water

, and they don’t want to be anywhere near water except to drink it to get the water they need to live.

The earthen pit of Amu Haji

The old man cleans in a very simple way,

When the hair is too long, he burns the excess away with fire

and this is the only way the old man can clean up his appearance.

Although the old man is unattractive and looks ugly to the outside world,

The old man seemed to appreciate himself

The way he looks, his favorite thing to do every day is to take a found mirror and admire himself in it flawlessly since ancient times.

Amu Haji looks in the mirror

Whenever he walks in front of a vehicle, the reflection of the body has been the mirror on the car, which has become a place for the old man to admire himself.

This old man is

The world’s dirtiest old man – Amu Haji.

The life of the old man

Amou Haji, born in the village of Dzhigar in Fars province in southern Iran, is a native of this village, and according to the village people, Amou Haji was not like this before, but because of some changes, he became this unkempt look today.

Amu Haji

So what did Haji go through to get to where he is now?

According to the village elders, Haji was just like a normal person,

The habits were not as they are today

And Haji became what he is today because of a change that happened 67 years ago.

Amou Haji was born in 1934, in a time of poverty when life was not easy for the Iranian people, and like in our country before liberation, children from poor families were getting married at an early age.

Married in Iran

Most of the people around Amou Haji’s age were already married and had families at the age of 14 or 15, but Amou Haji never wanted to get married.

In Amu Haji’s eyes,

He doesn’t want to marry a woman he doesn’t love

, so he waited and waited for the girl he loved most in his own destiny.

When Haji was twenty years old, Haji finally

met the girl of his life

, and the two were married and very much in love, and Haji took great care of his wife.

Married in Iran

Two people who could have lived happily together were separated by an accident.

In 1947, an outbreak of plague broke out in the Kurds of western Iran, and the plague has been raging in Iran ever since, spreading to other places as well, with Haji’s place being one of the places affected by the plague.

The Iranian plague

Shortly after Haji’s new marriage to his wife,

his wife accidentally contracted the bubonic plague

and it wasn’t long before

His new wife died.

Although Haji survived the disaster, he also

completely lost the girl he loved most.

The Iranian plague

Haji couldn’t bear the blow,

To leave behind the smell of his wife on his own body

, Haji

never bathed again from then on, and wouldn’t touch the water, not wanting to get it on and wash away the smell his wife left behind.

And so, Haji persisted for 67 years.

By the time a lot of people around Haji had died in that plague, Haji had survived to this day.

And so

Haji thought that not bathing would bring him health

, and became even more convinced that he doesn’t bathe.

Amu Haji

Slowly, as time went on and developed, Haji became more and more convinced of the idea of not taking a bath, and this led to the habits that Haji has today.

And the smell of his wife, which he once forced himself to leave behind, smells terrible to the casual observer

, but Haji remained unmoved, keeping to himself everything he wanted to leave behind.

In an exchange between a bystander and Haji, the village’s story is confirmed,

Haji is afraid of the water and does not want to bathe, convinced that he can stay healthy without bathing and still keep the smell of his wife.

Amu Haji is smoking a cigarette

Watching Haji smoke five normal cigarettes given to him by regular people in one breath, it is hard to believe that today Haji still has a healthy body.

To make sure Haji was healthy, people had his whole body examined, but the results stunned the crowd.

Haji’s body was indeed healthy

There were no illnesses that people thought would be present,

Could it be that not bathing, eating rotten meat and drinking raw water can really lead to a long life?

Amu Haji

This goes against our normal perceptions of what is going on.

The truth

We all know that

Taking a bath takes away dirt, dead skin and bacteria from the body, boosts the body’s metabolism, and soaking in a bath also promotes blood circulation in the body, which can bring a sense of comfort.


Frequent bathing can also wash away the natural oils on your body that protect your skin and the beneficial bacteria that boost your body’s immune system.

Amu Haji

When the natural oils that protect the skin are reduced and cannot lock in body moisture, the body’s skin becomes dry, which can lead to cracked skin, bacterial infections that cause skin inflammation, and more.

Also when bathing with harsh soaps, the balance between skin microorganisms is disrupted, which can cause the skin to harbor more harmful bacteria.

The human immune system

And with Haji not bathing for years,

The natural oils secreted by the body form a protective layer that protects the skin and also effectively prevents skin diseases and other problems.

And the skin is the body’s first line of immune defense, and if you bathe very frequently, you can damage this human defense and people are more likely to get sick.

When the body’s immune system is invaded by microorganisms over a long period of time, it produces a series of stimulating reactions that constantly produce antibodies that protect the body and also activate the body’s immune memory to protect the body’s health.

The human immune system

And Haji does not bathe for a long time,

His appearance may look unkempt, but when Haji washes off the dirt, his skin is still healthy and may even be healthier than some people with skin conditions.

Haji ate rotten meat and drank raw water for a long time for a similar reason,

His chronic unhealthy habits drove his body’s immune system far beyond that of normal people.

It’s the same reason that children who grow up in the countryside and play outside a lot and get dirty are less likely to get sick than children who are raised clean and dry.

Amu Haji

Human immunity is the very reason why Haji senior has been able to maintain a long and healthy life.

But how many people like old man Haji have maintained this lifestyle for 67 years?

Haji senior gave up all socializing,

He doesn’t need to face anyone, and people don’t want to get too close to Elder Haji.

But we normal people need to engage in everyday social behavior, so we also need to be aware of our personal hygiene at all times to make a good impression on others in our social life.

Amu Haji

Of course human immunity is the first line of defense to protect one’s health, and in addition to stimulating the body’s immune system in stressful ways like Haji did to strengthen it, we still need to strengthen our physical exercise, which can also strengthen our immune system.

And the habits and living environment like Haji’s old man’s would be unacceptable to any normal person, I’m sure.

And Haji’s old man’s dedication to relationships, his lack of desire for life, and his easy-going approach to life has made Haji’s old man happy, happy and healthy.

Amu Haji

But isn’t that what people live for in life?

Don’t laugh at everyone who tries to live in order to survive; life is inherently colorful.

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