How many troops does Cuba really have?

Cuba is a small country in the Americas, small in size and small in population, but once stirred up the world, even the United States did not dare to provoke. Until now, although close at hand, but the United States did not dare to move Cuba, in fact, the core reason is not because of Cuba’s socialist system, the core or Cuba’s strong military power, so how many troops in Cuba in the end? You may not expect it.

Although Cuba has a population of just over 10 million, it has actually always been a military power in Latin America, and the Cuban missile crisis shook the world back then. Although Cuba has been constantly impoverished under the U.S. embargo for decades, its national power and strength are still not to be underestimated. In particular, Cuba’s military force building, can be described as strong to the extreme. So how many troops does Cuba have? You might not expect it.

First, the Cuban Army, 45,000.

The Cuban Army is large, with three military regions, and the entire army is organized in brigades. There are five armored brigades, nine mechanized infantry brigades, 14 reserve brigades, one air defense brigade, and so on, making it the strongest army in Cuba.

Secondly, the Cuban Navy, with 0.5 million men.

The Cuban navy is small, especially under the long-standing U.S. embargo, and it has very little range. So by now there are only four small sub-fleets, and the ships are basically old and of very small tonnage.

Third, the Cuban Air Force, which is about 10,000 strong.

The Cuban Air Force was established with Soviet support and remains large today, with more than 140 fighters, mostly old, but with a high profile in Latin America.

Fourth, the Cuban reserve, 50,000 strong.

Cuba also has a reserve system, which is also relatively well established, divided into three military reserves, actually 30,000 in the army, 10,000 in the navy and 10,000 in the air force, which is not small.

Fifth, there are 1.6 million paramilitary troops.

Cuba has created a huge paramilitary force, the main part of which is the local militias, with more than 1 million people, as well as the national security forces, the border guard, the police force, and so on, which add up to 1.6 million people. So you can see that although Cuba is a small country with a small population, the whole country can deploy a large army of more than 1.6 million people if faced with an invasion, which is a huge deterrent to any country.

Even the United States doesn’t dare to move against Cuba easily for this reason. The main reason is that Cuba has been blockaded for more than half a century, but the United States just doesn’t dare to do anything about it, so it still needs its own strength to make the world powers yield. For this, what do you readers think? The first thing you need to do is to leave a comment and discuss it with me.

Reference: “Modern World History”.

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