Chen Lu arrested! Huo Zun was defeated, bosom friend Wang Meng in the end what is the origin

This year is not destined to be a peaceful side, from the beginning to the end of the year, we have seen too many artists “ugly face”, and different artists because of different things to withdraw from the circle, be blocked, netizens can not help but shout “the entertainment industry is really there to save? ”

The recent period was also very turbulent, first Wang Lihong failed his ex-wife and even “cheated” and “solicited prostitutes”, and then Veya let the netizens down by paying more than 1.3 billion in back taxes, and even had unlocked a lot of positive energy The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you’re doing.

What we didn’t expect was that the “old melon” from a few months ago would be presented in an even more explosive way!

A few months ago, Huo Zun’s girlfriend revealed that Huo Zun had cheated on her husband and his private life was in disarray, and she also released a lot of chat records of Huo Zun’s bad comments, which led to the complete collapse of Huo Zun’s persona of “not eating people’s food”.

Huo Zun only gave one explanation for this, and then announced his withdrawal from the industry, but what did Chen Lu want? Now why was she arrested? Is it true that her charge of extortion and blackmail is valid? All of this is also confusing to everyone.

Chen Lu, who was first reported as a “perfect victim,” repeatedly emphasized that her nine years of love had gone down the drain, and that such an experience resonated easily.

But Chen Lu, who seems to be a wounded “white rabbit,” doesn’t seem to be as innocent as everyone thinks.

The relationship problems between Chen Lu and Huo Zun in May have not been officially exposed, so it seems reasonable that Chen Lu’s crime was not a result of the price at the beginning, and finally Chen Lu chose to expose Huo Zun in this way.

Now that things have festered to this point, we can only say that both Chen Lu and Huo Zun are not innocent. After all, all of Huo Zun’s inappropriate comments that Chen Lu exposed are true, and there is no doubt that Huo Zun as a public figure has not been careful with his words.

And Chen Lu’s side seems a bit more greedy, in fact, from the current timeline, Chen Lu and Huo Zun had broken up before the incident, and Chen Lu also has a new boyfriend, but still tried to “make a profit” on Huo Zun, only she started as a victim and manipulated the power of public opinion.

Chen Lu was arrested and sent to jail, and Huo Zun withdrew from the circle and lost his reputation, but there is another key figure in the whole story, including the “blackmail” video that was exposed, and she is Chen Lu’s best friend.

Wang Meng has been speaking out on Chen Lu’s behalf since she started speaking out, and has always been able to produce so-called evidence at the “right” time, even in this “blackmail” video. “The company’s main goal is to provide the best possible service to its customers.

Now that Chen Lu has been arrested, Wang Meng’s side seems to have no impact, and she even updated her dynamic, posting the word “huh”.

In the early days, when people saw Wang Meng standing up for Chen Lu, they were moved to think that women were more powerful together, but now things are getting confusing, and will Wang Meng be punished by the law?

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