Based on the manga, “Unchained Man and Woman” explores several other major themes through contractual relationships

Following the global success of Korean dramas such as “Squid Game” and “Sea of Tranquility”, Netflix has continued this momentum with a number of excellent productions in 2022, and as the first movie in this wave of Korean drama explosion, “Unchained” features the collaboration of “Girls’ Generation” Seo Hyun and Lee Joon Young, a former member of the boy band U-KISS.

In addition to the curiosity of the story, we are also looking forward to the sparks between the two idol actors.

Unchained is a Korean romantic comedy film directed by Park Hyun-jin and starring Seo Hyun, Lee Joon Young and Seo Hyun-woo, the plot of which follows Ji-woo, a female office worker, who accidentally discovers the secret of her substitute, Ji-hou.

The relationship between the top and bottom of the company is reversed and the two start an exciting relationship with a three-month contract

, and over the course of the role play, a romantic relationship develops that goes beyond the contract.

Manga adaptation

There is no such thing as an equal relationship in this world. Whether intentional or not, whenever two people meet, power will always unconsciously favor one of them, just as the desire to dominate someone or the nature to submit to someone exists in many people’s hearts, and is there a nature hidden in our subconscious that we cannot reveal to others?

Based on the webcomic of the same name, “Unbidden Men and Women” is also based on the light-hearted and humorous tone of the whole film.

Through a love story developed by a couple in an office, the interaction between partners in a relationship is explored in an interesting way.

Actor Roles

The main character of “Unchained”, played by Seo Hyun, is Jung Ji Yoo, an employee in the public relations department of a company with a serious work attitude and a progressive mindset. She is not only cautious in dealing with various issues, but also has a righteous and straightforward character that allows her to bravely ask her boss not to work with netizens who have controversial comments, and is very critical of gender stereotypes and invisible discrimination in the workplace.

Despite her young age, she is the quintessential new age woman.

One day, a young executive from the business department, Ji Hoo, played by Lee Joon Young, whose name is only one sound away from the female lead, comes to the PR department where Ji Yoo works and is popular with the other female employees. The company’s main focus is on the development of a new product, which will be a new product for the company.

Master Slave

Although facing her mother’s dissuasion, Ji Yu said that in this era even women will take the initiative to attack their prey, but the situation of “Unbidden Man and Woman” was beyond her expectation. Because the company administrator got the name wrong,

The heroine Ji Yoo accidentally receives a package from Ji Hou and discovers his unknown secret

. Although Ji Hoo denied it, saying that the contents of the package were a collar for his dog, the large letters on the advertising flyer inside said it all.

With Ji Yoo choosing to keep Ji Hoo’s secret, the pair of “Unbidden Man and Woman”, who already had a mutual affection for each other, not only drew closer quickly, but after Ji Hoo asked the woman to be his girlfriend, they set up strict rules of rewards and punishments, as well as code words that could achieve tacit understanding and consensus, and turned them from subordinates in the workplace to master and slave. On the surface, Ji Hoo is a popular female supervisor in the company and is everyone’s dream girl, but behind the scenes he is also subservient to Ji Yoo, a seemingly proper female employee.

So as a romance movie, the interesting thing about “Unchained” is that

The unseen side of the two main characters who are far from their appearance


There is no doubt that “Unchained” is a movie that all “Girls’ Generation” fans will enjoy watching. The movie is a great example of how to make the most of a woman’s life, whether it’s the cute and funny interactions between her and the male protagonist, or the queenly aura when she has the power as the master, exploring this uncharted territory and enjoying it at the same time, which corresponds to Seo-hyun, who was taken care of and protected by her sisters in Girls’ Generation.

This time she showed a different look in “Unchained” that no one has ever seen before

It is believed that all of them are teasing and giving fans a feeling of happiness that Busy Nei is finally growing up.

Love relationship

So for the actor to take on such a bold challenge, will “Unchained” still be a movie that simply wants to provoke the audience’s desire like “50 Shades of Gray” or “Heartbeat Partition”? I think the answer to this question can be drawn from the design of Seo Hyeon’s character, Jung Ji Yoo, as a new-age woman who tries to break away from the traditional patriarchal society in the film.

As they spend time together and get to know each other “during the contract,”

The main characters of ‘Unchained’, Ji Yu and Ji Hoo, also gave each other the care and attention they needed while realizing each other’s inner vulnerability.

. The formerly wounded Ji Hoo feels reassured by Ji Yu’s company, and Ji Yu is affirmed and approved of by Ji Hoo’s dependence, gaining spiritual satisfaction from this seemingly dysfunctional relationship.

Plot themes

Exactly, and I like the way that “Unchained”, even though it has the same theme of characters feeling confused about where they are, wraps it up in a different theme. At the end of the day, is the intimate relationship between the male and female protagonists a love affair? And in this conservative country, how long can the relationship between the two of them, which is hidden under the table and not recognized by the public, last? And what will happen if it is exposed?

Perhaps there are too many complications involved in real-world conditions, but as a romance, Unchained Men and Women is a film that is not a good one.

Ultimately, it also tries to resolve this difficult and sensitive issue with a Korean-style hot romance

. Just as loving couples are willing to make an effort to love each other as equals before they get together even if they are forced to separate because of class or circumstance, so by extension is this true for every different individual in society?

Based on a comic book, “Unchained Men and Women” explores several other themes through contractual relationships.

Ending Implications

The Korean title of “Unchained” is “모럴센스”, which translates to “moral sense”, a fetishistic minority group that can also be a transgender community that suffers from discrimination and oppression in patriarchal Korean society. Unchained Men and Women is ostensibly a romantic comedy, but the cast is also ultimately driven by a sense of morality,

With the film’s bright and energizing ending, it gives voice to the right of all people in the world to be able to love each other equally.

It’s because everyone wants to find someone who will cherish them, who will accept us for who we really are even when the external mask of falsehood is removed,

In the end, “Unbidden Men and Women” encourages viewers to pursue love through this story

. As long as we don’t give up, we will definitely meet someone worth cherishing, and as long as we can find him, even if our lives are turned upside down from then on, it’s still very worthwhile.

Conclusion of the review

On the whole,

The film evolves from an interesting master-servant relationship to a love affair with a man and a woman full of twists and turns, ultimately bringing out the idea of each person’s independence

I believe “Unchained” wraps important core themes in a light-hearted and humorous tone, all while making for a fulfilling and satisfying watch, and provoking viewers to reflect on relevant issues, which alone deserves our recognition.

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