A murder case behind, by explaining the background of the story and the case killing to explore the human nature

2017’s “Murder on the Orient Express,” directed by Kenneth Branagh, has garnered many positive reviews from audiences for its suspenseful murders on a train and the ultimate shocking conclusion revealed through the deductive reasoning of the sleuth “Bailo.

Murder on the Nile

In the end, under the luxurious cast such as Gal Gadot and Amy Hammer, can the case be confusing to deliver a bright report card? I believe that the audience will be curious and look forward to.

Murder on the Nile” is a 2022 theatrical suspense movie, also known as the tragedy on the Nile, directed by Kenneth Branagh, starring Gail Gadot, Amy Hammer, Tom Bateman, Emma McKee, the plot tells the world’s leading detective Bai Luo was invited by a newlywed couple to board the Nile “Karnak” cruise ship, but the ship is again with the murder case. Inheritance of hundreds of millions of dollars of wealthy girls whether the wrong marriage scum to cause murder?

Bailo must find the real killer among the guests, each with a motive and suspicion, and heal the pain of their lost friends and family.

Detective Shiraoi

“Murder on the Nile” opens in 1914 Belgium, during World War I. The young Bailo and his fellow soldiers are in the trenches defending themselves against the German attack. The first time I saw the film, I was able to see it.

But even if he could crush the enemy with his brilliance, Murder on the Nile

The protagonist, Bailo, is unable to save his captain, who has been taking such good care of him all these days

He was killed by an enemy trap, and the right side of his face was blown up. But even so, his fiancée Katharine remained unfazed by Bailo, suggesting that he grow a beard to hide the horrific scar. So “Murder on the Nile” deliberately mentions Bailo’s former lover in the opening credits, which seems to set the theme of the entire film.


In 1937 London, Murder on the Nile’s protagonist, Bailo, arrives at a lively club where the singer Salome is singing jazz to a rapturous crowd.

Although he still observes the crowd with the same keen eye as before, Bailo is not the same young man he was years later

and has become rather eccentric and torpid, not even the dessert plate sitting on the table can be an odd number, as he insists.

At that moment, however, a big name arrives at the club, played by Gal Gadot as “Linnaeus,” who has inherited her parents’ estate and is one of the richest women in the world today. Jackie, who was originally dancing with her fiancé Simon on the dance floor, sees her best friend Linnaeus and hastens to introduce her ambitious but ordinary lover to her, hoping that Linnaeus will give Simon a position working at her estate. Although Linnaeus hires Simon right away,

but the two also seem to rub shoulders on the dance floor, much to the dismay of Jackie, who looks on.

Behind the scenes kills

Six months later, Murder on the Nile protagonist Bai Luo takes a vacation to Egypt to enjoy the majestic scenery of the pyramids, where he coincidentally meets his best friend Booker, who flies a kite on the pyramids, and is invited by him to a lavish wedding. The wedding was a great success, but the bride and groom were the same pair he had observed from afar at the club – Linnaeus and Simon.

So while it may seem like a happy occasion, every guest at this Murder on the Nile wedding has their own agenda

Some coveted Linnaeus’ money, others tried to woo her only to be intercepted by the unknown Simon, not to mention that Jackie, whose best friend stole her husband from her, followed them around like a ghost. The two of them are in conflict with each other under the table, and this day is supposed to be a happy celebration with dangerous killing opportunities.

So Linnaeus and Simon, the couple, turn to the protagonist of Murder on the Nile, detective Paolo, and ask him to help them get rid of their friend Jackie, who is clearly mentally unstable, and to ensure the safety of their lives and property.

So Murder on the Nile is a case of the guests surrounding Linnaeus, each with their own connections behind the scenes, coming together in one place

The Nile Murder joins a closed space like a “blizzard lodge” and brings together the characters, the motive, the stage, and the detective, the four basic elements of a mystery case.

Case Studies

Interestingly, “Murder on the Nile” spends a full hour setting up the plot, explaining the background of the story and the fact that Linnaeus and Simon, a couple deep in the shadow of a possible threat to their lives from Jackie, before officially launching the case that took place on the Nile. The two of them ended up being fine, but the heroine of the honeymoon, Linnaeus, was killed that night.

Since the murderer was on the boat, “Murder on the Nile” detective Bai Luo also took on the task of finding the real killer

He begins to question each of the suspect guests one by one and, based on the clues left on the boat, his prior research, and his precise judgment, observation, and deduction, he uncovers their unknown secrets and backgrounds, thus reconstructing the development of Murder on the Nile, the elaborate method of the crime, and the true identity of the culprit.

Human Nature

So with Jackie and Simon both having perfect alibis for the shooting, Murder on the Nile is a story of a nurse who was robbed of her family’s money by Linnaeus’ father, a godmother who was the heir to her estate and the nurse’s lover, a cousin who appropriated Linnaeus’ fortune by virtue of his position, a doctor who courted Linnaeus, and a singer who was discriminated against by Linnaeus as a child because of her race – who are the guests with the motive to kill? The first thing you need to do is to find out who is behind this case.

I like the idea of Bailo as a proud and suspicious detective in Murder on the Nile,

who delves into every little detail and questions it, while being touched inwardly by every incident and every character’s death

. As in the opening credits, Whitehall fails to save the captain and the pain of losing his fiancée, he seems cold-blooded and ruthless when interrogating people, and most people think detectives should be all rational when working on cases, but Whitehall is not a cold machine after all, and is in as much pain as anyone else.

Behind the scenes of a murder case, a look at human nature by explaining the background of the story and the circumstances of the killing.

Ending Implications

So although Murder on the Nile finally reveals the truth of the case, it was Linnaeus’ husband Simon and Jackie, two of the most unlikely people in the world, who orchestrated this “murder for money”. The film is a great example of how to make a perfect alibi for the crime, but even so, it’s not the most compelling appeal of Murder on the Nile.

All along, Agatha Christie’s novels have not been just puzzling murder cases,

The motives and themes behind the murders are the most fascinating part of the work.

Just as in Murder on the Nile, two people who seem to hate each other are in love with each other. How much sacrifice can we make for love? Can we go out of our way to do whatever it takes just to spend the rest of our lives with our partner?

Love is beautiful, but it can also be dangerous,

But perhaps people are such contradictory creatures that they can’t help but keep going after it, knowing that it will push them into the fire.

Gail Gadot

Only even though “Murder on the Nile” has Agatha Christie’s excellent text, a gorgeous cast and well-designed sets, the classical vibe can go from being charming to deadly when it goes too far. It’s clear that Murder on the Nile, with its more progressive technical aspects, doesn’t make for a satisfying adaptation for 2022 fans. Not only is the overall atmosphere dull and bland, but the actors’ quirky accents and lack of soulful characterization also keep the film from being the true charm of the production.

And the most obvious of these is the lead actress, Gal Gadot, although the audience can sense from her gestures that she has prepared well for her upcoming role in Cleopatra,

But this time in “Murder on the Nile” the lack of emotional lines and insufficient acting strength to support the role

The film’s “Nile Murders” is a very good example of how to play “Linnaeus” as a dead man with a shiny exterior, without showing the storytelling and character background that the character deserves, and without the deeper color that is so crucial to the whole murder case.


While we might be able to watch Murder on the Nile alone without finding too many major flaws in the theater, other than a slightly slow pace, and enjoy the mystery shaped by the murders, if we compare Murder on the Nile to 2019’s The Front Runner, there’s an immediate and huge gap between the two. There’s a huge gap between the two,

One of the most obvious things is a film’s ability to hold the audience’s attention and make people curious about each character and each rival scene “alive.

Perhaps the latest thing we’ll notice is that Murder on the Nile’s poor character and casting performances throughout the film largely undermine the suspenseful atmosphere of the story and its ability to entertain audiences, but it has to be said that the cast’s performance relies heavily on the script and the director’s directorial prowess. The film’s first two works, “Murder on the Orient Express” and “Murder on the Nile,” have too much “explanatory dialogue” to explain the background of each character and their relationship with the deceased, which makes the story tedious and makes the audience lose patience with the film.


On the whole, Murder on the Nile is a mixed bag, despite the fact that it travels to Egypt to try to take the audience through the exotic and breathtaking scenery, unraveling the mysteries of the Nile and the surrounding pyramids, giving the film a sense of suspense that is unpredictable and reinforcing the whole work’s exploration of love and human nature,

But aside from the gorgeous sets and lined-up cast, the anemic storytelling undercuts these efforts.

Perhaps future adaptations of Agatha Christie’s novels will have more to do with telling a story than if Murder on the Nile put a lot of heart into it,

I think it’s more important to think about what it means to make this work now, and how to make the film new

. It’s always important to be able to provoke curiosity about what’s going to happen during the movie, and in today’s age of online streaming, with less theater as a constraint, the audience can turn off the whole movie at the touch of a button if they’re not happy!

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